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Nessica Nässén

Ph.D. Candidate in Social Work

Email: nessica.nassen@hig.se
Telephone: 026-64 85 00 (växel)

My doctoral project focuses on exploring how community climate commons and coworking spaces can contribute to a socially sustainable climate transition and a health promoting work life. The conceptual frame of this research builds on the concepts of "commons" and "community work". Community work is one of three pillars of the international discourse of social work. The primary emphasis is on advancing social, economic and ecological sustainability.

Within the scope of this project, I will explore how community climate commons mobilize to collectively address ongoing climate change and its societal impacts. Special attention is given to coworking spaces as a potential form of community climate commons. These spaces aim not only to promote a healthy work environment but can also contribute to a socially sustainable climate transition.

Current Research:

  • Community climate commons, coworking spaces
  • Stadsdelslyftet (The city lift) Andersberg
  • Community work for socially sustainable development in marginalized neighborhoods

Latest publications

Rambaree, K., Nässén, N., Holmberg, J. & Fransson, G. (2023). Enhancing Cultural Empathy in International Social Work Education through Virtual Reality. Education Sciences, 13 (5). 10.3390/educsci13050507 [Mer information]
Rambaree, K. & Nässén, N. (2021). Digitalization of Critical Reflection with ATLAS.ti Software in Social Work Supervision. Social Sciences, 10 (3). 10.3390/socsci10030095 [Mer information]
Nässén, N. & Rambaree, K. (2021). Greta Thunberg and the generation of moral authority: A systematic literature review on the characteristics of Thunberg’s leadership. Sustainability, 13 (20). 10.3390/su132011326 [Mer information]
Rambaree, K. & Nässén, N. (2020). ‘The Swedish Strategy’ to COVID-19 Pandemic: Impact on Vulnerable and Marginalised Communities. The International Journal of Community and Social Development, 2 (2), 234-250. 10.1177/2516602620936048 [Mer information]
Sjöberg, S., Donohue, C., Nässén, N. & Löf, C. (2023). Shanazi hjältars arbete för att förebygga och motverka hedersrelaterat våld och förtryck. Gävle: 66 s. Länk [Mer information]
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