The Centre is managed by a coordinator, who has an over-all responsibility for its research.

The coordinator is professor Svend Erik Mathiassen, head of research at CBF. In carrying out these tasks professor Mathiassen is assisted by a Deputy Coordinator, Dr. Mats Djupsjöbacka.

Management Board

The members of the Centre Management Board are appointed by the board of the University of Gävle and they have a three year term of office.

Centre Programs

The proposed Centre includes five R&D programs, each led by one PI.

Management Committee

The Centre Management Committee consists of the coordinator and the principal investigators of each Program.

External Scientific Advisory Board

An External Scientific Advisory Board consisting of excellent national and international scientists from relevant research fields will be invited from the extensive collaborative network of CBF.

Gender issues

An equal representation of the genders at leading positions in the Centre is a high priority.


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