Center Management Board

The members of the Centre Management Board are appointed by the board of the University of Gävle and they have a three year term of office.

The board consists of:

  • Boel Callermo (chairman), Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, Head of Employer Policy Division (present affiliation); Swedish Work Environment Authority, Head of Department Inspection Mid-Sweden (affiliation from 090427)
  • Håkan Attius (vice chairman), Research secretary at the University of Gävle
  • Roland Kadefors, professor, University of Gothenburg
  • Rosalie Andersson, IF Metall trade union, Occupational health and insurance unit
  • Tommy Berger, Gävleborg County Council
  • Marie Louise Brändström, Occupational health service director, Västerbotten County Council
  • Mats Djupsjöbacka, Director of CBF
  • Svend Erik Mathiassen, Head of research at CBF
  • Per Lindberg, Representative for the researchers at CBF
  • Per Liv, Representative for the students at CBF

Meetings will be held 6 times per year.

The Centre Management Board is responsible for:

  • The over-all Centre management, including contractual, financial, and personnel matters.
  • Planning and follow-up of R&D activities, including time lines, production and quality.
  • Formation and closure of R&D programs, and appointment of principal investigators.
  • Identification of issues on which the Centre Management Committee shall be consulted.
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