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Can normalization affect low back EMG risk assessment?

Can normalization affect low back EMG risk assessment?

The fourth piece of this thesis will evaluate whether the interpretation of a data set can be affected by the normalization method employed. Exposure measures for the de-palletizing task will be calculated for EMG data that has been normalized to several different normalization tasks (selected based on findings in the previous studies). Qualitative analyses using the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) observation tool will also be conducted for the depalletizing.

Results from all analyses will be compared to determine (i) whether the different normalization efforts produce consistent risk assessment conclusions and, (ii) whether the qualitative and quantitative data are in agreement regarding the exposure level of the tasks.

Anticipated Contributions to the Literature

No papers are known to have been published to date that have evaluated the effect normalization task on risk assessment in studies of the lumbar spine.

PhD Student

Jennie Jackson


Prof. Svend Erik Mathiassen, CBF
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