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Ergonomic intervention processes

The researchers' knowledge on working environment, strain and health must reach organizations and companies so that the decision-makers in the work context can make well-balanced decisions in working environment efforts. Many actors in society have pointed out that the link between research and practical application is inadequate in the present day.

The overall aim of this research is to engender knowledge on working environment communication on an organizational level, on processes involved in organizations' efforts to increase their knowledge on strain-related injuries and health at work, and on how and why organizations act based on their knowledge. The research shall generate knowledge which is both of scientific interest and which has practical applications in the work context.

Study of development work
A longitudinal study of development work within the working environment and safety efforts at Ovako Hofors AB was launched in 2010. The research study documents and interprets the development and learning processes: Who are the key actors, how are the working environment and safety efforts carried out and how do the managers and employees perceive the changes? There is a focus on the company's safety culture, on efforts to change the safety culture, and on whether the changes favour ergonomic conditions.

Study of the most profitable companies
A study is intended to generate knowledge on how managers in different positions and organizations reason on the subject of change, especially concerning working environment matters. There has been a study of the most profitable companies in Gävleborg dedicated to finding connections between working environment efforts and successful companies.

Factors promoting good health
Knowledge on why only certain employees suffer from musculoskeletal complaints is limited, despite the fact that they report similar physical strains as those who remain unaffected. In a study, tests were run for different factors identified as promoting good health to see if they can act as buffers against the development of pain among workers undertaking physically demanding tasks.

Research in this program

  • Uninjured flight baggage handlers
  • Successful Companies
  • The Ovako project
  • Ergo-price: Environment changes in steel industry/Processes of work environment changes in manufacturing countries
  • Factors at work acting as buffers against neck/shoulder and low back disorders
  • GodA: Good work environment and healthy workplace
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