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FRAMFÖR – Successful Companies

FRAMFÖR — Successful Companies

The project aims to study the causality between business success and the work environment. A longitudinal study is ongoing, data from hundreds of companies have been collected since 2003 and more than 600 interviews have been conducted (2012). The award FRAMFÖR (successful companies in Gästrikland) is awarded annually to the fifty most successful companies in the county of Gästrikland. FRAMFÖR is a joint project shared between the University of Gävle, The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, The County Administrative Board of Gävleborg, The Mid-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Ernst & Young and the municipalities of Gästrikland.

The included companies are evaluated by answering a number of questions concerning how systematically they work with their business idea, marketing and work environment. To be considered for the award, the companies must also show an increased profit of more than four percent over the previous year. The organizational work at the companies is assessed trough a qualitative process and the fifty companies that generate most points win the award FRAMFÖR. The collected data has not previously been processed in any other way than for the sake of the award and nor have deeper analyzes of the winning companies and their work environment management been conducted. Therefore is the material interesting from a research point of view.
In 2010 a database was created, in which we entered the collected data from the interviews. We then began to descriptively compile and analyze the material and to formulate research questions. A first example of such a research question concerns how leaders for successful companies describe the company´s work environment - which aspects are spontaneously described by the leaders and which aspects are mentioned less often?

Another research question concerns how leaders of successful companies prioritize different areas of the work environment, and to what extent the managers perceive a relationship between work environment and success. Additional examples of interesting research issues are related to the companies recurrently receiving the award who show a continuous growth in profitability. Which characteristics do they have? How do these companies view the work environment, work environment management, profitability and success?

Responsible researcher

Svend-Erik Mathiassen

Forskare vid CBF

Thomas Karlsson
Tanja Bänziger

Recent publications

Karlsson, T., Wijk, K., Bänziger, T. (2011). A description of work environment management in successful companies. In: Wellbeing and Innovations Through Ergonomics: Proceedings of NES2011, September 18-21, 2011, Oulu, Finland. Nordic Ergonomics Society p. 460-465.  http://urn.kb.se/resolve?urn=urn:nbn:se:hig:diva-10443
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