Eye strain and neck/shoulder-related complaints

Close work in general, and particularly working in front of a computer, can cause eye complaints.

Research at CBF, among other institutes, has shown that these eye complaints often arise in connection with headache and pain in the neck and/or shoulders. One explanation for this might be that work that is demanding on one's sight leads to locked working postures. Research at CBF indicates that there is also a direct neurophysiological connection between eye strain and muscle tension.

In lab studies, test subjects with and without strain-related complaints carry out simulated work which is demanding on their sight. Eye and head movements are registered, as is muscle activity in the neck and shoulders.

From here, studies are planned for the development of eye and strain-related complaints over time, disruption of hand to eye coordination via analysis of movement of people with muscle pain, and mental concentration during work which is demanding on one's sight.

Research in this program

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