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Rehabilitation for people with neck complaints

There is insufficient knowledge on evidence-based measures for work-related neck pain, and there is often demand for more effective treatment based on the individual's specific needs.

This research concerns the development of a clinical decision model for neck pain treatments that would be tailored to individuals based on clinically standardized testing as well as the development of methods for identifying at-risk individuals early on.

The aim is also to develop guidelines for early rehabilitation - especially concerning the choice of treatment and the success factors when the treatment is evaluated - and to increase knowledge of the effects that working environment factors and the position of the head have on neck pain.

Research into individually adapted treatment is taking place in a study involving long-term monitoring of women with neck complaints, where the effects of strain factors in the working environment on the results of long-term rehabilitation are also taken into account. Identification of individuals at risk and evaluation of previous rehabilitation efforts is achieved through scientifically valid questionnaires. Health-economic analyses are also included.

Research in this program

Published by: Camilla Haglund Page responsible: Magnus Isaksson Updated: 2022-04-04
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