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Managers' and employees' working environment

The interplay between structural conditions, managership/leadership, work situation, health of the personnel and the results of the activities

The aim is to study managers' and employees' working environment in the field of elderly care, relationships between structural conditions in the working environment, leadership, the health of the personnel and the results of the activities.

In a more long-term perspective and based on the results of the first studies, an intervention study is planned with the aim of studying the outcome of an empowerment-based development programme for managers in the field of elderly care.

The plan is to seek funding for an additional postgraduate student in the project who can focus on the healthcare personnel's working environment, changes over time and the relationship between the healthcare personnel's working environment and the standard of the activities.

Variables which are to be studied over time are managership and leadership, structural and psychological empowerment, job satisfaction, psychosomatic health and work standards. Data will be collected from both managers and employees in five municipalities.

The first data collection took place in autumn 2010/2011 and was repeated in 2011/2012 to facilitate a study of changes over time.


Maria Engström, University of Gävle
Elisabeth Häggström, University of Gävle
Bernice Skytt, University of Gävle
Annika Strömberg, University of Gävle
Barbro Wadensten, University of Uppsala
Heidi Hagerman, doctoral student, University of Gävle

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