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Electronic tracking system in dementia care

Electronic tracking system in dementia care — in cooperation with universities, companies and the public sector

The overall aim is to depict the view of persons with dementia and their close relatives on the use of ICT support in their daily life/in the care of persons with dementia.

The aim is also to compare close relatives' perception of the quality of life of the person receiving care, behavioural/psychological symptoms, patient acuity and limitations in the lives of close relatives in relation to the care of the person with dementia, before and after the introduction of a passive positioning alarm.

The project includes six sub-studies, in which data is collected by means of interviews, observations and questionnaires and is processed with qualitative and quantitative methods.


Maria Engström niverity of Gävle
Claudia Lampic, Karolinska Institutet
Annakarin Olsson, University of Örebro/University of Gävle
Kirsti Skovdahl, University of Örebro

Published by: Zara Lindahl Page responsible: Magnus Isaksson Updated: 2017-11-30
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