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Research presentation

Annakarin Olsson

Annakarin Olsson, senior lecturer.

Research presentation

Annakarin Olsson

Senior lecturer, registered nurse

Research subject: Caring Science

Annakarin Olsson's research is conducted in the field of care and support for older people, their relatives, and healthcare professionals. In her role as program manager (shared mission) for the research program "Digital Shapeshifting", within the strategic research area of Health Promoting Work, her research also focuses on digitization and the societal challenges associated with it.

Her dissertation, titled "Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Support in the Daily Life of People with Dementia and Their Relatives," aimed to describe the attitudes and experiences of people with dementia (care recipients) and their relatives (caregivers) towards the use of ICT support in their daily lives.

Annakarin is also the program director, in collaboration with another colleague, for the Nursing Program at the Lishui University in China.

As a practicing clinical nurse, Annakarin has experience in municipal and private care and support for older people, both in the Swedish and Norwegian contexts, as well as neonatal care in Sweden.


• Eating disorders in older people in special accommodations - experiences of healthcare professionals.

• "Caring for and being cared for by healthcare professionals wearing protective equipment” - experiences of older people and healthcare professionals.

• Loneliness among older people recently discharged from the hospital.

• Care and support for older people in China.

• Care after discharge from the hospital - quality of life and functional ability of older individuals (Partly funded by Region Gävleborg).

• Digitization in healthcare.

• Interprofessional communication in psychiatric outpatient care (co-supervisor for Ingela Rudberg).


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