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Research presentation

Bernice Skytt

Research presentation

Bernice Skytt

Senior lecturer, docent

Research subject: Caring Science




Scholarly articles, refereed

Skytt, B., Högberg, H. & Engström, M. (2024). An explorative and confirmative factor analysis of the Leadership and Management Inventory-II among staff working in elderly care. Leadership in Health Services, 37 (5), 66-83. 10.1108/lhs-01-2023-0004 [More information]
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Book chapters

Skytt, B. (2012). Ledare behöver jag väl inte bli? : en diskussion om hur studenter föreställer sig den arbetsledande yrkesrollen. I mötet mellan vetenskap och lärande : 13 högskolepedagogiska utmaningar. Gävle: Gävle University Press. P. 81-92. [More information]

Conference papers

Lundin, K., Silén, M., Strömberg, A., Engström, M. & Skytt, B. (2021). Observations and interviews describing first-line manager’s work at hospitals where the staff rates high access to empowering structures. . [More information]
Hagerman, H., Engström, M., Wadensten, B., Häggström, E. & Skytt, B. (2018). Male first-line managers experiences of the work situation in elderly care: An empowerment perspective. . [More information]
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