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Research presentation

Elisabet Eriksson

Research presentation

Elisabet Eriksson

Senior lecturer, Registered Nurse

Research subject: Caring Science

Elisabet Eriksson is a registered nurse and holds a PhD in international health at Uppsala University. She is a senior lecturer at University of Gävle and has experience of teaching within nursing since 2012. Her area in teaching involves nursing and research ethics, she supervises and examines degree projects at the undergraduate level, in the nursing program. She is also a supervisor for degree projects at advanced level and a course in cardiology. Her research is in staff working life, learning and leadership in the healthcare sector.


Internationally educated nurses' way into the profession

The overall aim of the project is to investigate what facilitates the process for nurses with education from countries outside the EU to work in Sweden. The project is financed by the University of Gävle. (PhD student Denice Högstedt)

Living and working in a multicultural environment in nursing homes

The overall aim of the project is to describe how the elderly, their relatives and nursing home staff experience the communication between them during the covid-19 pandemic. The project is further developed in collaboration with Uppsala municipality. The project is financed by Uppsala University and the University of Gävle.

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Conference papers

Högstedt, D., Engström, M., Jansson, I. & Eriksson, E. (2022). Internationally educated nurses attending a bridging program to obtain a Swedish nursing license: Challenging but also rewarding. NETNEP 2022 – 8<sup>th</sup> International Nurse Education Conference : From education to impact:Transforming nursing and midwifery education. [More information]
Eriksson, E. & Engström, M. (2018). The challenges of interviewing internationally educated nurses and doctors in another language than their native language. . [More information]
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