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Karin Lundin

PhD student

Research subject: Caring Science

Email: karin.lundin@hig.se
Telephone: +46 73 789 22 36

Karin Lundin, doktorand

Karin has a Master of Philosophy in Nursing, licenced nurse and district nurse.

Current research

The overall aim of the doctoral research project is to study the working situation of nursing staff and first-line managers in Swedish acute hospital settings, as well as their well-being and efficiency. The project is planned to include four data collections at medical and surgical units in both public and private hospitals. Data from a questionnaire, observations and interviews are collected for the first two studies. The other two studies are currently planned to be interview studies. The project is expected to contribute with in-depth knowledge of the structural conditions within Swedish emergency care that may be important for nursing staff and first-line managers' work, well-being and efficiency. These results could be used in the work of developing and improving the work situation and the quality of care in Swedish acute hospitals.

Researchers in the project

Karin Lundin, PhD student, University of Gävle

Bernice Skytt, principal supervisor, docent, University of Gävle

Maria Engström, co-supervisor, professor, University of Gävle

Marit Silén, co-supervisor, senior lecturer,University of Gävle

Annika Strömberg, co-supervisor, senior lecturer, University of Gävle

Artiklar | Konferensbidrag


Vetenskapliga artiklar, refereegranskade

Lundin, K., Silén, M., Strömberg, A., Engström, M. & Skytt, B. (2022). Staff structural empowerment - observations of first-line managers and interviews with managers and staff. Journal of Nursing Management, 30 (2), 403-412. 10.1111/jonm.13513 [Mer information]


Lundin, K., Silén, M., Strömberg, A., Engström, M. & Skytt, B. (2021). Observations and interviews describing first-line manager’s work at hospitals where the staff rates high access to empowering structures. . [Mer information]
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