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Research presentation

Maria Engström

Maria Engström har jobbat på HiG sen 2016 som professor i vårdvetenskap.Forskar kring vård och omsorg av äldre samt hälsofrämjande arbetsliv för vård- och omsorgspersonal.

Research presentation

Maria Engström

Professor Nursing

Research subject: Caring Science

Professor, PhD Nursing and RN, Registered Nurse.


"Healthy ageing", "Nursing and care of the elderly"

  • Together with Professor Xu Lijuan Lishui university two projects with regard to elderly (see below) and one about nursing students see section Staff working life
  • Project of National Natural Science Found of China: Prediction of Developmental Trajectory of Elderly Frailty Dwelling in Community and the Confirmatory Study on Health Management with the Key Intervention of Multicomponent Exercise
  • Project from Government of Lishui City: Effects of a governmental nursing home training program among managers and front-line staff.
  • Older persons quality of life, health and ADL-dependency after discharge from the hospital
  • Working life for older people

Finished research project

Staff working life, learning and leadership in the healthcare sector

  • Internationally educated nurses' way into the profession (PhD Student D Högsted)
  • Working life within the Swedish Healthcare Direct
  • Nurse Professional Competence
  • Learning as a driving force for healthy work environments – students and staff perspective
  • First line managers' working life, health, and quality of care
  • Working life in Swedish healthcare – internationally educated nurses' and physicians' perspective
  • Lean, health and working conditions in primary care (PhD student M Kaltenbrunner)
  • Together with Professor Xu Lijuan Lishui university two projects with regard to elderly and one about Nursing students' self-reported Nurse Professional Competence at the time of graduation and one year later

Finished research project

  • Patient safety and communication (anaesthesia, intensive care)
  • The interplay between structural conditions, management/leadership, work situation, health of the personnel and the quality of care – in elderly care


Scholarly articles, refereed

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Other articles (popular science, debate etc.)

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