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Research presentation

Martin Salzmann-Erikson

Research presentation

Martin Salzmann-Erikson

Ph.D., Associate Professor in Nursing Science

Research subject: Caring Science


E-mail: martin.salzmann@hig.se
Telephone: +46 724-65 12 56

Virtual room: https://hig-se.zoom.us/my/salzmannerikson

Martin Salzmann-Erikson is developing and actively researching within the research program "Digital Shapeshifting". This program is one of three programs within the strategic research area of Health-Promoting Work.

Digital Shapeshifting aims to address the following societal challenges:

  • Reducing digital exclusion when digital technology is integrated into healthcare in a way that strengthens empathetic and trustworthy relationships.
  • Ensuring a safe and inclusive digital care environment where quality and nursing science perspectives are not compromised.
  • Guaranteeing equal access and promoting digital competence.

Martin Salzmann-Erikson has extensive experience in clinical work within acute and intensive psychiatric care as a specialist nurse. He has also researched organizational and social working environments within psychiatric care and has developed a work model for staff within psychiatric intensive care. He is also involved in education at basic, advanced, and research levels within nursing and health sciences. He has developed courses such as "Integrative Nursing in Psychiatric Care 7.5 credits" and "Concept Analysis 7.5 credits" at an advanced level. What unites both his research and pedagogy is the complexity of human interaction - from chaos and complexity theories.


• Psychaitric nursing - theory development

  • Interprofessional communication in psychiatric outpatient care (Main supervisor for doctoral student Ingela Rudberg)
  • The role of staff in promoting participation among people with intellectual disabilities (Main supervisor for doctoral student Oskar Andersson)
  • Violence and aggression in intensive care (Co-supervisor for doctoral student Fredric Sjöberg, KI)

• Inclusive health for women living in homelessness

• Integrated care: Creating a Mini-Maria outpatient facility

• Digitalization in Nursing

• Cyber nursing, theory development

• The dark side of digitalization in primary care - impact on the psychosocial work environment



Scholarly articles, refereed

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Scholarly articles, non-refereed

Salzmann-Erikson, M. (2015). Are nurses superfluous in PICUs?. Journal of Psychiatric Intensive Care, 11 (s1). 10.1017/S1742646415000102 [More information]
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Other articles (popular science, debate etc.)

Salzmann-Erikson, M. (2014). Pleie i intensiv psykiatri : psykiatri rytmer og bevegelser i en stabilitetskultur. Sykepleien Forskning, 9 (2), 196-197. External link [More information]
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Book chapters

Salzmann-Erikson, M. & Eriksson, H. (2021). Netnography in the healthcare and nursing sector. Netnography Unlimited: Understanding Technoculture Using Qualitative Social Media Research. Taylor & Francis. P. 71-82. [More information]
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Conference papers

Sjöberg, F., Salzmann-Erikson, M., Joelsson-Alm, E. & Schandl, A. (2023). Experiences of patient violence in Swedish intensive care units. . External link [More information]
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