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Research presentation

Birgitta Wiitavaara

Research presentation

Birgitta Wiitavaara

Associate Professor, Ph.D. in Nursing Science, Registered Nurse

Research subject: Occupational Health Sciences


  • DisA - Working at a distance - opportunities and consequences for university teachers. A doctoral project where I am the main supervisor for the doctoral student Linda Widar. The overall purpose of the thesis work is to investigate how teleworking is practiced by, and affect, university teachers. Furthermore, the purpose is to investigate the experiences of the first-line managers of leading a personnel group that works to a varying extent from a distance.
  • MätFunk - Measuring Physical Function. A series of literature reviews on questionnaires that measure physical function in musculoskeletal disorders, with ICF classification of the questionnaire's content and mapping the psychometric testing done on the questionnaires, using the COSMIN check list. Sub-study I + II is published in 2018-19, sub-study III is ongoing.
  • PrioSAM Test - Psychometric testing of three questionnaires for measuring systematic work-environment work.
  • CUA - A cost-utility analysis to evaluate four treatments for neck-shoulder disorders previously investigated in a RCT-study. Data regarding improvement in the participants´ health profiles related to direct and indirect costs at individual and societal level will be considered
  • IMMPACT-PHC. The long-term aim of this project is to evaluate whether internationally recommended outcome measures for clinical pain trials are suitable for use in evaluation of non-specific long-term musculoskeletal disorders and secondly to develop a short form questionnaire. Study I publiched


Education, academic degrees

2016 Higher education pedagogy -didactic perspectives on learning in higher education
2013 Research supervision, Uppsala University
2009 Examination and evaluation, Umeå University
2007 Doctorate in Nursing Science, Umeå University
2001 Master's degree in Nursing Science, Umeå University
1997 Secondary school diploma; specialisation care, Uppsala University
1996 Quantitative method B 5 p (sociology), Dalarna University
1996 Qualitative method B 5 p (sociology), Dalarna University
1996 Group dynamics A 5 p/Sociology/Social psychology A 10p, Dalarna University
1996 Pedagogy A 8 p, Dalarna University
1995 Caring Science C 41-50 p, Falun University College of Health Sciences
1995 Caring Science B 21-40 p, Falun School of Health Sciences
1994 Research methodology 1-20 p., Falun School of Health Sciences
1994 Documentation of nursing 5 p, Falun University College of Health Sciences
1988 Completion in general health care 20 p, Falun University College of Health Scienc
1983 Nursing degree, Munksjöskolan Jönköping

Graduate Courses

2006 Body, health and illness as cultural expressions, 5 at Umeå University
2005 Genus course for teachers and researchers at the medical faculty, 5 at Umeå University
2003 Phenomenological hermeneutics as research method, 5 p, Umeå University
2003 Being sick - The meaning of illness, 5 p, Umeå University
2002 Introductory course for postgraduate education, 10 credits, Umeå University
2002 Interview as a tool for data collection - techniques and strategies 5p, Umeå University
2001 Qualitative methodology, (Grounded Theory) 10 p, Umeå University


Senior Lecturer, Center for Musculoskeletal Research, University of Gävle 090601-ff Project co-worker, Center for Musculoskeletal Research, UoG 080701-090531
Guest lecturer, Center for Musculoskeletal Research, UoG 071101-080630
Research assistant, Center for Musculoskeletal Research, UoG 070801-071031
Doctoral student, Department of Nursing, Umeå University 030101-070331
Research assistant, Umeå University 020701-021231
Research nurse, Umeå University 010501-020630
Healthcare developer, Ambulance/emergency clinic Mora 970815-020630
Nurse, Emergency Department Mora 970815-980615
Nurse, Emergency Department Mora Hospital 940201-970814
Nurse, District Nursing Advice, Orsa Health Center Summer -93 + -96
Nurse, Surgery Clinic Mora Hospital 880502-940131
Nurse, Surg./Ort. clinic, Gävle Hospital 861101-880430
Nurse, Eye Clinic, Gävle Hospital 850301-851231
Nurse, Surgery Clinic Eksjö Hospital 840827-850215
Nurse, Medical Clinic Eksjö Hospital 830620-840826

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