Research presentation

Jennie Jackson

Jennie Jackson arbetar vid Centrum för belastningsskadeforskning.

Research presentation

Jennie Jackson


Research subject: Occupational Health Sciences

Doctoral candidate - defence: June 2, 2017

Master of Science — Biomechanics (2001), University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada


Cost-effective measurement strategies for assessing physical exposures.

Current project

  • Strategies for collecting accurate and precise data for the quantification of physical loads during work
  • Quantification of motorvariability in physical exposures during work


Cost-effective measurement of physical exposure data during work.

My PhD thesis focuses on quantifying aspects of validity and variability of three commonly employed measurement tools used to assess (occupational) exposures – electromyography (measurement of force/load), inclinometry (measurement of posture), and observation (measurement of posture) - and to provide recommendations to minimise systematic and random components of measurement error in future studies utilising said key tools.

Current projects

Low back EMG normalization: a comparison of methodologically induced variance across common employed sub-maximal and maximal voluntary contraction tasks
Responsible: Jennie Jackson

Previous research

  • Estimating cumulative loading of the lumbar spine during occupational tasks using a posture matching technique
  • The efficacy of an ergonomics training and ergonomic chair provision on self reported and measured physiological variables amongst call centre workers: an intervention study
  • The effect of chair type and chair training on spinal loading during seated work
  • Development on a model to estimate lumbar spinal loads during cycling in masters level road racers
  • Work pace as a mediator of muscle activity levels in the trapezius muscle during light assembly
  • Quantification of methodologically induced error during EMG normalization in the upper trapezius muscle.
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