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Johanna Edvinsson

PhD student

Research subject: occupational health sciece

Email: johanna.edvinsson@hig.se
Telephone: +46 70 289 33 32

Johanna Edvinsson, doktorand arbetshälsovetenskap.

Johanna Edvinsson is interested in how work can be organized in a health-promoting way in digitalized and flexible work. Her research is particularly focused on recovery from work. She is currently working on four studies for her doctoral thesis, fo example intervention studies performed at the Swedish Transport Administration. The project is funded by the Swedish Transportation Administration and the University of Gävle.


Edvinsson, J., Mathiassen, S., Bjärntoft, S., Jahncke, H., Hartig, T. & Hallman, D. (2023). A Work Time Control Tradeoff in Flexible Work: Competitive Pathways to Need for Recovery. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 20 (1). 10.3390/ijerph20010691 [Mer information]
Bjärntoft, S., Hallman, D., Zetterberg, C., Larsson, J., Edvinsson, J. & Jahncke, H. (2021). A participatory approach to identify key areas for sustainable work environment and health in employees with flexible work arrangements. Sustainability, 13 (24). 10.3390/su132413593 [Mer information]
Jahncke, H., Edvinsson, J., Bjärntoft, S., Hallman, D., Mathiassen, S., Larsson, J. & Zetterberg, C. (2018). Symposium: Återhämtning och ledarskap i flexibla arbeten: resultat från ett forskningsprojekt på Trafikverket. FALF KONFERENS 2018 Arbetet – problem eller potential för en hållbar livsmiljö?   10-12 juni 2018 Gävle : Program och abstracts. Gävle: Gävle University Press. S. 78-. Länk [Mer information]
Jahncke, H., Mathiassen, S., Hallman, D., Edvinsson, J. & Persson, L. (2017). Activity-based workplaces: changes in cognitive performance among workers previously employed at cellular offices or open-plan offices. . S. 203-204. [Mer information]
Edvinsson, J. & Jahncke, H. (2017). Development and validation of a questionnaire addressing flexible work and restoration. . [Mer information]
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