Research presentation

Marina Heiden

Marina Heiden, universitetslektor i arbetshälsovetenskap handleder doktoranden Linda Richardsson.

Research presentation

Marina Heiden


Research subject: Occupational Health Sciences

Marina Heiden works at the Centre for Musculoskeletal Research, and is mostly active in the program Cost-efficient measurement of physical load in the Forte Centre The Body at Work - From Problem to Potential. She is also interested in health-promoting and risk factors in working life, and factors of importance for returning to work after sick leave.


  • Cost-efficient modeling of physical workload
    The aim of the project is to compare the cost-efficiency of methods for assessing physical load in working life. The project is partly funded by Forte.
  • Development of a risk assessment method for visual ergonomics
    The project is funded by AFA Försäkring, and performed in collaboration with researchers at the Faculty of Engineering, Lund University.
  • Women of working age living with long-term pain: well-being, work ability and return to work
    A longitudinal survey among women in Gävleborg county.


I teach ergonomics, experimental design and statistical analysis to graduate and post-graduate students, as well as to target groups in working life. For example, I teach the course Ergonomics , 7.5 credits, at the University of Gävle.

I also supervise graduate students at the University of Gävle and co-supervise a Ph.D. student at Occupational Medicine, Umeå University.

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