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Research presentation

Thomas Rudolfsson

Research presentation

Thomas Rudolfsson

Senior lecturer, PhD, Master of Science in Engineering Physics

Research subject: Occupational Health Sciences



Scholarly articles, refereed

Pagard, S., Mathiassen, S., Brulin, E., Rudolfsson, T. & Hallman, D. (2024). Effects of a participative workplace intervention on work strategies and expectations of availability among office-based employees with flexible work arrangements. IISE Transactions on Occupational Ergonomics and Human Factors. 10.1080/24725838.2024.2329109 [More information]
Aasa, B., Sandlund, J., Rudolfsson, T. & Aasa, U. (2022). Acuity of goal-directed arm movements and movement control; evaluation of differences between patients with persistent neck/shoulder pain and healthy controls. European Journal of Physiotherapy, 24 (1), 47-55. 10.1080/21679169.2020.1785004 [More information]
Johansson, A., Rudolfsson, T., Bäckström, A., Rönnqvist, L., von Hofsten, C., Rosander, K. & Domellöf, E. (2022). Development of Motor Imagery in School-Aged Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Longitudinal Study. Brain Sciences, 12 (10). 10.3390/brainsci12101307 [More information]
Bäckström, A., Johannson, A., Rudolfsson, T., Rönnqvist, L., von Hofsten, C., Rosander, K. & Domellöf, E. (2021). Motor planning and movement execution during goal-directed sequential manual movements in 6-year-old children with autism spectrum disorder: A kinematic analysis. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 115. 10.1016/j.ridd.2021.104014 [More information]
Rudolfsson, T., Björklund, M., Svedmark, Å., Srinivasan, D. & Djupsjöbacka, M. (2017). Direction-specific impairments in cervical range of motion in women with chronic neck pain : influence of head posture and gravitationally induced torque. PLOS ONE, 12 (1). 10.1371/journal.pone.0170274 [More information]
Srinivasan, D., Rudolfsson, T. & Mathiassen, S. (2015). Between- and within-subject variance of motor variability metrics in females performing repetitive upper-extremity precision work. Journal of Electromyography & Kinesiology, 25 (1), 121-129. 10.1016/j.jelekin.2014.10.011 [More information]
Rudolfsson, T., Djupsjöbacka, M., Häger, C. & Björklund, M. (2014). Effects of neck coordination exercise on sensorimotor function in chronic neck pain : a randomized controlled trial. Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine, 46 (9), 908-914. 10.2340/16501977-1869 [More information]
Rudolfsson, T., Björklund, M. & Djupsjöbacka, M. (2012). Range of motion in the upper and lower cervical spine in people with chronic neck pain. Manual Therapy, 17 (1), 53-59. 10.1016/j.math.2011.08.007 [More information]

Doctoral thesis

Rudolfsson, T. (2014). Sensorimotor control and cervical range of motion in women with chronic neck pain : Kinematic assessments and effects of neck coordination exercise. Diss. (sammanfattning), 2014. Umeå: Umeå Universitet. 61 p. (Umeå University medical dissertations 1687) External link [More information]

Conference papers

Mathiassen, S., Rudolfsson, T. & Vidlund, E. (2021). Sitting, Standing and Moving among Male and Female Grocery Store Workers. Proceedings of the International Ergonomics Association conference 2021. External link [More information]
Björklund, M., Svedmark, Å., Rudolfsson, T. & Djupsjöbacka, M. (2019). Cervico-thoracic and cranio-cervical strength differences between women with and without neck pain and the diagnostic performance of neck-strength tests. World Confederation for physical Therapy Congress 2019, Geneva 10-13 May. External link [More information]
Hallman, D., Mathiassen, S., Heiden, M., Birk Jørgensen, M., Holtermann, A., Rudolfsson, T., Björklund, M., Svedmark, Å., Djupsjöbacka, M., Hellström, F., Rönnlund Borg, T., Häger, C., Sommar, J. & Wahlström, J. (2018). Symposium: Arbete, individ och nacksmärta : Forskning vid Forte-centret “Kroppen i arbete – från problem till potential”. FALF KONFERENS 2018 Arbetet - problem eller potential för en hållbar livsmiljö? 10-12 juni 2018 i Gävle : Program och Abstracts. Gävle: Gävle University Press. P. 102-. External link [More information]
Rudolfsson, T., Björklund, M. & Djupsjöbacka, M. (2010). Range of motion in the upper and lower cervical spine in people with chronic neck pain. The XVIII Congress of the International Society of Electrophysiology and Kinesiology (ISEK). Aalborg, Denmark. [More information]
Rudolfsson, T., Domkin, D., Björklund, M. & Djupsjöbacka, M. (2009). Is neck pain associated with altered body sway kinematics?. Sjukgymnastdagarna. Stockholmsmässan i Älvsjö, Stockholm: Legitimerade Sjukgymnasters Riksförbund, Stockholm. [More information]


Rudolfsson, T. & Hellström, F. (2021). Utvärdering av fyra arbetsmiljöåtgärder inom schemalagt och flexibelt arbete. Gävle: Högskolan i Gävle; Trafikverket. 46 p. [More information]
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