Research presentation

Igor Knez

Research presentation

Igor Knez


Research subject: Psychology


Autobiographical memory and the self, related to the physical places of our lives


My current research interests are in autobiographical memory and the self, related to the physical places of our lives.

The idea that space and time reflects some of the basic categories of human mind dates back, among others, to Kant and Husserl. I synthesize this view with another ancient matter that of the self and its link to memory (an issue dating back to e.g., Descartes, Kant, Locke, Hume and James) by proposing a conceptual model.

The basic view of the model is that physical places and time position one´s reminiscence, meaning that we over the life span link physical places to the self by forming psychological person-place ties. The main function of these emotional and cognitive bonds is to conduct the psychological agent towards physical place and time as the organizing formats for its personal memory.

In the light of recent interest in the impact of climate change, altering geographical as well as behavioral contexts, an additional current research interest is in the psychology of climate. In particular, I am interested in exploring and understanding the cognitive, emotional and behavioral effects of the various weather and climate parameters in urban areas.


Over the years, and in my research I have collaborated with several Swedish and foreign organizations, colleges and universities.

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