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Research presentation

Brita Backlund Rambaree

Brita Backlund Ramaree har en utbildningsbakgrund i socialt arbete, socialpolitik och sociologi och intresserar sig för hur dessa perspektiv kan tillämpas på företags samhällsansvar och hållbarhetsfrågor.

Research presentation

Brita Backlund Rambaree

Senior lecturer

Research subject: Social Work

Brita is a senior lecturer in social work, social policy and sociology at University of Gävle. Her research focuses mainly on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and uses perspectives from sociology, social policy and social work in the study of CSR. Brita is also interested in eco-social work and in internationalisation in connection to social work.

Brita have been Assistant Head of Education in social work and responsible for coordination of the Bachelor programme in social work with specialization international social work from August 2018 to December 2021.



  • Publications


Scholarly articles, refereed

Macassa, G., Rashid, M., Backlund Rambaree, B. & Chowdhury, E. (2022). Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting for Stakeholders’ Health and Wellbeing in the Food and Beverage Industry: A Case Study of a Multinational Company. Sustainability, 14 (9). 10.3390/su14094879 [More information]
Rambaree, K., Båld, M. & Backlund Rambaree, B. (2022). Worlds apart! Environmental injustices in Mauritius, Peru and Sweden. International Social Work, 65 (1), 49-63. 10.1177/0020872819889391 [More information]
Chowdhury, E., Backlund Rambaree, B. & Macassa, G. (2021). CSR Reporting of Stakeholders’ Health: Proposal for a New Perspective. Sustainability, 13 (3). 10.3390/su13031133 [More information]
Backlund Rambaree, B. (2021). Discourse and power in the institutionalisation of corporate social responsibility (CSR) : A comparative perspective. Cogent Social Sciences, 7 (1). 10.1080/23311886.2020.1852673 [More information]
Rambaree, K. & Backlund Rambaree, B. (2021). "Out of the frying pan into the fire”: Mauritian social workers’ perspectives on disaster governance in Mauritius. British Journal of Social Work, 51 (5), 1585-1604. 10.1093/bjsw/bcab102 [More information]
Backlund Rambaree, B. (2020). Content in the Context of Welfare Configurations : A Comparative Institutional Analysis of Self-Reporting on Corporate Social Responsibility. Social Responsibility Journal, 16 (4), 487-506. 10.1108/SRJ-07-2017-0121 [More information]
Backlund Rambaree, B. (2020). Ecosocial work through corporate social responsibility : The case of company engagement with civil society in coastal communities in Mauritius. Journal of the Indian Ocean Region, 16 (1), 47-62. 10.1080/19480881.2020.1709375 [More information]

Doctoral thesis

Backlund Rambaree, B. (2016). Contextualising Constructions of Corporate Social Responsibility : Social Embeddedness in Discourse and Institutional Contexts. Diss. (sammanfattning), 2017. Stockholm: Stockholm University. 37 p. (Stockholm Studies in Sociology. New series 64) External link [More information]

Book chapters

Backlund Rambaree, B. (2021). Ecosocial work through corporate social responsibility: the case of company engagement with civil society in coastal communities in Mauritius. Environmental Citizenship in the Indian Ocean Region. Routledge. P. 47-62. [More information]

Conference papers

Backlund Rambaree, B., Davies, P., Ponian, C. & Rambaree, K. (2008). People in Micro Businesses & The Blue Bay Marine Park : An Analysis of Knowledge, Attitudes and Perceived Benefits. . [More information]
Rambaree, K. & Backlund Rambaree, B. (2007). Higher Education (HE) for Voluntary Social Workers (VSWs) in Mauritius : Beneficiaries´ Personal Motivation and their Perceived Contribution towards the National Millennium Development Goals (NMDGs). . [More information]
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