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Research presentation

Maja Lilja

Maja Lilja

Research presentation

Maja Lilja


Research subject: Social Work

Email: maja.lilja@hig.se
Telephone: +46 26 64 85 00 (switchboard)

Maja Lilja holds a PhD in sociology and focuses her research on ethnicity, migration, segregation, and climate. In 2015, she successfully defended her dissertation titled "The Best for My Child: Mothers with Small Children in the Divided City," which examined how mothers with small children perceive the upbringing of their children in relation to factors such as ethnicity, class, and gender. Currently (2022–2023), Maja has a postdoctoral position in the strategic research area “Urban Sustainability".


  • “Collaboration Gävleborg 2022”. The project is financed by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) and runs 2022–2026. The project examines migrants' opportunities and obstacles in the Swedish labour market.
  • Research on “Community Climate Commons”, which refers to groups that have organised themselves to address or mitigate climate change. The research aims to identify the key characteristics of such groups and their activities.


  • Publications

Doctoral thesis

Lilja, M. (2015). Det bästa för mitt barn : nyblivna mödrar i den delade staden. Diss. , 2015. Örebro: Örebro university. 209 p. External link [More information]

Book chapters

Lilja, M. & Sundström, P. (2015). The construction of people and place in Swedish residential projects. Place and identity : A new landscape of social and political change in Sweden. Santérus Academic Press. [More information]
Lilja, M. (2012). <em>‘What’s Best For My Child’: Whiteness and Motherhood</em>. On whiteness. Brill. P. 91-99. [More information]
Burns, T., Lipponen, S., Lilja, M. & Machado, N. (2007). Den osynliga muren : om strukturell diskriminering i arbetslivet. Makt, kultur och kontroll över invandrares livsvillkor : Multidimensionella perspektiv på strukturell diskriminering i Sverige. Uppsala: ACTA UNIVERSITATIS UPSALIENSIS (Uppsala University Publications). [More information]

Conference papers

Kusterer, H., Lilja, M. & Trygged, S. (2021). Krokiga vägar till etablering – upplevda hinder för arbetsmarknadsetablering av migranter under coronapandemin. . [More information]
Lilja, M. & Lilja, M. (2016). Discourses on alcohol use during breast-feeding in social media. . [More information]
Lilja, M. (2013). Am I privileged? Studying the meaning of white identity in the Swedish context. . [More information]


Trygged, S., Kusterer, H. & Lilja, M. (2021). Integration Gävleborg 2.0 : Intervjustudie om upplevda möjligheter och hinder för arbetsmarknadsetablering för migranter med låg utbildning. Gävle: Gävle University Press. 32 p. (FOU-rapport 55) External link [More information]
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