Tomas Lindmark

Tomas Lindmark

Phd student

Research subject: social work


Tomas Lindmark's research focuses on nursing homes under different regimes. The research project concerns the psychosocial work environment and well-being of staff and first-line managers. Tomas is also interested in quantitative research methodology, statistics, and evidence-based social work.

Tomas is active in various research networks:

- The Swedish national network for social science research on ageing and eldercare.

- Network for work-life oriented care research.

- Staff Work Environment, Learning and Leadership at the University of Gävle.

Current research

Tomas Lindmark is involved in a research project investigating staff and managers' working conditions, well-being, and organisational trust in special housing for the elderly under different regimes.

The project has conducted a systematic review of the field and examined procurement contracts. It also included interviews with frontline managers and a survey of care staff. The project is expected to contribute in-depth knowledge about the opportunities and barriers faced by staff and whether there are differences between different regimes due to marketisation. The project is funded by the University of Gävle and is expected to be completed in 2024.

Latest publications

Lindmark, T., Engström, M., & Trygged, S. (2022). Psychosocial Work Environment and Well-Being of Direct-Care Staff Under Different Nursing Home Ownership Types: A Systematic Review. Journal of Applied Gerontology, 0(0).

Lindmark, T., Ingard, C., & Trygged, S. (2022). Prerequisites for empowerment: a study of procurement documents for the provision of care in Swedish nursing homes. European Journal of Social Work, 0(0), 1–16.

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