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Social Work

Some examples on Research profiles in social work.

Abuse, mental ill-health and marginalized groups

Research on drug addiction and Swedish drug policy is carried out in the group from an international perspective. There is also research on addiction in the context of discourse analysis, including dependence on psychoactive drugs in the form of psycho-pharmaceuticals. Research on marginalized groups in society is also represented.

Disabilities and reporting sick

Research has been conducted related to the field of disabilities and reporting sick, or how the long-term sick perceive their situation.

Cultural cognition, spirituality and coping strategies

Recent research has been conducted into culture, spirituality and coping, which has a clear connection to the area of cognition with the emphasis on cultural cognitive processes in different societal discourses in a diversity of cultures.

Epistemology and the development of research methods in social work

Within the group there are published papers related to knowledge and research methods in social work, in particular narrative relating methods.

Social policies, youth culture and identity

Research has been conducted into structural changes in social policies and the universal welfare model. Papers have been published in the group related to the field of youth cultures in society, including young people´s identity development associated with the recreational use of alcohol and drugs.

Age research

One area of research within the group focuses on aging in a changing society and from a lifetime perspective. Aging is discussed as a challenge, among other aspects for sociological research.

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