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There is about 200 kilometres of bike paths in the municipality of Gävle. This makes biking the cheapest and easiest way to get around the town. Even in winter many bike paths are ploughed. There are special bicycle tires to buy that are safer to use on snow and ice.

Parking of bicycles

If you ride a bike to the university, you should consider where you park your bike. Please use our bike racks.

This is necessary order to facilitate transportation within the area and for snow removal in winter.

In addition, it looks nicer with bicycles parked in the designated locations, instead of here and there.

Bicycle information from the Gävle municipality

Pump your bike

Do you need to pump your bike? There is an air outlet in the western corner of building 11, Munin.

Air outlet for pumping your bike

An air outlet where you can pump your bike is located outside building 11, near the main entrance.

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