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A defibrillator is a device that, through using electric shocks to the heart, can save the life of someone who has ended up in cardiac arrest.

There are seven defibrillators at the University. This page tells you where to find them.

Using a defibrillator

The University's defibrillators are self-instructive. They give spoken instructions and can be used by most people despite lack of previous knowledge. There are also pictures to support correct use.

Don't hesitate to use the defibrillator - you can save someone's life.
But also remember to make an SOS-alert using telephone number 112.

Defibrillators at the University

The defibrillators are located on ground level (level 2) at the following places:

  • Outside the Student Centre, building 22
  • In building 41 in the foyer
  • In building 45, to the left inside the main entrance
  • In building 55 in the corridor inside the main entrance
  • In building 81 in the foyer
  • In building 91 in the foyer inside the main entrance
  • In building 99, in the walkway between the entrance and the stairwell

Map of the location of the University defibrillators

You can enlarge the picture by clicking on it. The green icons indicate the location of a defibrillator.

Picture of a defibrillator

Don't hesitate to use it.


More information can be found here

Error report

Any problems with the defibrillators - contact the Porter's Office (vaktmasteri@hig.se).

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