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Exemption for studenter - access at night

Form where a student can apply for the right to stay at the University at night in connection with study-related activities.

Closed at night at HiG for students

The University's opening hours for students are 05:00-24:00 every day. However, during certain periods or in connection with certain activities, students may need to stay on the University premises at other times of the day. For example in connection with scheduled activities in a certain course, long laboratory sessions or in contacts with universities in other parts of the world.

When such needs arise, you as a student can gain access at night. The exemption is granted by the Security office, after assessment based on your application. Decision on exemption is announced by e-mail.

The exemption is limited in time.

Application form exemption

From date - to date. Also enter the time (for example until 01.00)

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