Information during summer - FAQ

The Division of Educational Support is staffed throughout the summer although there is limited staff availability during certain weeks. It may be more difficult to reach us by phone and it can take longer than usual to get a reply via email. We will do our best to reply to you as soon as possible. We thank you for your patience and understanding. 

In order to provide the best possible service for you we have assembled the most common questions that we get during the summer months below. Hopefully you will find the answer to your question here.

Important dates

Key dates and deadlines for first and second admission round
Autumn semester
Spring semester

Autumn semester

19 August
Kick-off with the Student Union and student organisations. Due to covid-19 the kick-off might be cancelled.

26 August
Introduction day for new students ( in Swedish)

28 August
Introduction day for international students
The University of Gävle has decided that programmes offered primarily to international students will be taught remotely the first semester. Therefore, the introduction day will be in a form of information films available digitally online from Friday August 28th.

31 August
The semester starts

Application and admission

Questions about admission

  • General questions about admission
    If you have questions about admission to the University, your account at, or other general questions about the admissions process, please contact the Admissions Office on +46 (0)771-550 720.
  • When will I know if I have been admitted?
    It depends on in which admission round you have applied. Please check the key dates and deadlines at
  • I'm on the waiting list. When will I get a result?
    We are unfortunately unable to tell you what your chances are of getting in to a programme/course if you have been placed on the waiting list. You will know if you have been admitted from the waiting list either after the second Notification of Selection Results (2nd of August) or soon after the course has started. The number of people admitted from the waiting list depends on how many people decline their offer. You can find out when admissions from the waiting list (reserves) starts and finishes for your particular programme/course on
  • I have submitted a late application. When will I get a result?
    Late applications are handled as quickly as possible and in the order of their submission date. You will be notified of the outcome at and "My pages".
  • Do I have to reply to my Notification of Selection Results?
    If you have to reply to your selection results or not may vary depending on which admission round you have applied in. Please check the key dates and deadlines at If you are not intending to start your course/programme it is important that you decline your offer so we can offer your place to applicants on the waiting list.
  • I forgot to accept the offer that I got in the Notification of Selection Results. What do I do?
    All applicants that have met the requirements for a course or programme but have been deleted due to failure to accept the offer, or because the applicant has been admitted to more than the allowed 45 credits per semester, can re-apply if the programme/course is open for re-applying. You will find instructions on how to re-apply on Your re-application will be treated like a late application, dated the day of submission.
  • I submitted my supporting documentation after the deadline. What do I need to do now?
    Supporting documentation that is submitted after the deadline is not automatically processed. The applicant must inform the Admissions Office (se above) that the supporting documentation has been submitted and get help to re-apply.
  • I have been conditionally admitted. What does this mean?
    To be conditionally admitted means that you had not yet completed a course essential to qualify for your chosen programme/course when your application was processed. If you are conditionally admitted you need to provide documentation at the start of your course showing that you have fullfilled the requirements for admission. If you are conditionally admitted you are not able to register on the course yourself and should contact your Faculty for help with registration.
    Faculty of Health and Occupational Studies
    Faculty of Engineering and Sustainable Development
    Faculty of Education and Business Studies

  • Are there still places available at the programme/course?
    If the programme/course is open for late admissions at it should have an "add"-button next to it, in which case you can still apply. However, this does not guarantee you a place on the programme/course.
  • I want to apply for a course but there is no "add"-button?
    If a programme/course does not have an "add"-button next to it at, that means there are no more available places and it is closed for late applications. A late application can only be submitted for courses still open for late applications, as signified by the presence of an "add"-button.
  • If I have questions about the Tuition Fees?
    The most common questions about Tuitions Fees you can find at Tuitions Fees - FAQ.
New student

Before the start of the semester

  • I have questions about a programme/course that I have applied for. Who do I contact?
    You can contact the Faculty secretary for questions about programmes and courses. You can find contact details in your welcome letter or at your Faculty's web-page:

    Faculty of Health and Occupational Studies
    Faculty of Engineering and Sustainable Development
    Faculty of Education and Business Studies

  • When does the semester start?
    The autumn semester starts on August 31. Please check your welcome letter for more information. Please see for more information and updates due to covid-19.

  • Where do I find my timetable?
    You can find your personal timetable via our Kronox-app. In the app you can search for your timetable and save it in order to access it more easily the next time you need it. You can search for the course, programme, room or signature. The app is available in Swedish and English and you can download it for free from the Itunes app store or Google Play. You can also search for your timetable at

  • Where do I find my reading list?
    You can find the reading list for your course in the course syllabus. You can find a link to your course syllabus in your welcome letter. You can also search for your course syllabus on

  • Where do I find information about my programme/course?
    General information and welcome letters for programmes and courses can be found at

  • I haven't received a welcome letter. What do I do?
    Welcome letters for programmes and courses can be found at

  • How do I find student accommodation?
    Information about student accommodation can be found at

  • I have been placed on the waiting list. Can I still go to the introduction and the programme registration session?
    No, only those who have been admitted can go to the programme registration session. The University of Gävle will call those placed on waiting lists in strict order of the selection results. We will contact you if you are offered a place.

  • When can I create my user account?
    You can create your user account two weeks before the semester starts, at the earliest. If you have submitted a late application you can create your user account the day after you receive your admissions letter. 

  • When can I register for my courses?
    You can normally register for your courses via Ladok two weeks before course start.
Course related questions

Questions about courses for the Faculty Offices

  • Who do I turn to for questions about my course, course registration or results?
    For general questions about your course, course registration or results, email to Please note that the faculties have less staff in place than usual during the summer months. If you have an urgent errand, please call the switchboard on +46 (0)26 64 85 00 who will connect you to someone in the office.

  • Who do I turn to for questions about course content?
    If you have questions about the contents or structure of the course you should contact the course coordinator. Contact information can be found in your welcome letter.  
International students

Information for international students

  • Information for new students on how to prepare for and get started with your studies can be found at
  • Information for new student about the introduction day for all international students the 28th of August is found here
  • Information for exchange students at International Office's webpage 
  • Insurance
    Students coming from EU/EES countries should bring their Health Insurance card. All other international students must arrange their own health insurance before coming to Sweden. We also recommend international students to arrange for liability insurance before coming to Sweden. All universities in Sweden have a personal accident insurance for students during school hours through the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency.
    Students at University of Gävle who pay tuition fees are NOT covered by the FAS insurance.
Study guidance

Study guidance

  • I want to book an appointment with a study counsellor. How do I do that?
    See their webpage for contact details during the summer holidays.
    Study guidance webpage

  • What do I need to do to if I want take a break or terminate my studies?
    You can turn to the study counsellors if you have questions concerning non-completion or approved leave from studies.
Student Health and Welfare

Student health and welfare

  • I want to get in touch with Student Health
    The Student Health and Welfare are still available for you as a student all summer, but because of the corona virus (COVID-19), we only offer contact via telephone or Zoom.
    You are welcome to contact us!
    Phone hours
    Monday - Friday 09.00 - 12.00
    Phone 026-64 88 99
Study support

Study support for students with disabilities

Degree certificate

Degree- and other certificates

  • How do I apply for my degree certificate and how long is the turnaround time for applications?
    Information about the application process, turnaround times, what you need to apply for your degree certificate, etc. can be found on the Degree office webpage.  

  • How do I get a print-out of a result- or registration certificate?
    You can print out result- and registration certificates yourself via Ladok.
Exam hand-out

Exam hand-out

  • When can I collect my exam paper?
    All written exams be sent home per mail.

    More information about exam hand-out
More info

Further questions?

If you have not found the answer to your question here - have a look at the following FAQ and information pages:

If you are a new student you can find answers to most of your questions at

If you are an international student, take a look at our Student Guide for International Students.



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