Exchange Students

Studying in Gävle is a great opportunity to explore Sweden, Swedish culture and meet new friends! To study as an exchange student at the University of Gävle you have to be selected and nominated by our partner university in your home country. Learn more about it below!

Important information

Presentation from the Introduction for International Students Autumn 2021:

Introduction Hour - Welcome (pdf)

Decision about Autumn semester, 2021-04-28: University will continue with primarily online teaching applies to the first study period: 30 August to 7 November. Exchange activities for students from partner universities can be carried out; the decision on primarily online teaching applies to these students as well as to so-called "free movers". Read the full statement here

Partner University

University of Gävle has exchange agreements with countries all around the world! Our exchange porgrammes include Erasmus+ and Linnaeus-Palme. Please check with your university if you can apply for exchange studies at University of Gävle.

Nomination and online application

When you have been selected by your university for the exchange, your university will nominate you to us at University of Gävle. When we have received your nomination as an exchange student from our partner university/your home university, we will send you an email with information for the online application process and the links needed to apply.

Course Catalogues

When applying for courses, please note the weeks the course is given and the study pace, to avoid schedule clashes. Full time courses are usually taken one after the other (consecutive scheduling) or, if the courses are part time, two courses may be taken during the same time period (parallel scheduling).

Please not that once the Learning Agreement is signed by all parties you can not make any changes of the courses starting at the beginning of the semester. (Period 1 for Autumn semester and period 3 for Spring semester).

Digital Learning Agreement (OLA)

We are updating our routines to incorporate the Digital Learning Agreement (OLA). This means that as part of applying for exchange studies as Erasmus+ student, you need to fill in, sign and send in you Learning Agreement both via University Admissions and through digital Learning Agreement. This is due to Erasmus+ switching to paperless via Dashboard and Erasmus+ App.

We encourage you to start using the OLA and Erasmus+ App. For more information about OLA visit the site (link above) or speak to the International Office at your University.

Student accommodation

You have to apply for accommodation yourself at one of the housing companies. Please remember to do it well in advance before your arrival.

Arrival/Departure certificate

As a Erasmus+ student you need to have a Arrival/Departure certificate signed and stamped by the International Office in order to get your Erasmus grand. This certificate is something you provide to us at the International Office.

According to the Erasmus+ the certificate can only be signed once you arrive and not before. Once the semester starts you can email your certificate to

After you finish your studies your departure certificate will be signed, not before.

Important Information during your stay at University of Gävle


Questions about course selection:

Questions about the exchange at University of Gävle

Drop in at the International Office

At the moment we do not offer drop-in but you are welcome to contact us via e-mail.

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