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Insurance & Health Insurance

International students studying in Sweden are covered by insurance 24 hours a day. The Personal Injury Insurance covers students while on the university’s premises.
The Student IN insurance is a complement to the Personal Injury Insurance. Students do not need to sign up, the University is signed up and thus students are covered by both insurances. Read more below.

Student IN for exchange students in Sweden

This insurance provides coverage for you during the times you are not on campus. This insurance together with the Personal Injury Insurance provide 24-hour coverage in Sweden only and they are both free of charge.

This insurance provides coverage for the following:

  • disability and death benefits
  • medical and dental care
  • home transport
  • personal property coverage
  • third party liability
  • legal expenses

Read more about it here: Terms and Conditions Student IN 2021

Health Insurance

Health Insurance for Nordic, EU/EEA Citizens and Switzerland
If you are a citizen of any of the Nordic, EU/EEA countries or Switzerland, you have access to essential health care if you register beforehand at a social insurance office in your home country and obtain a European Health Insurance card.

Insurance Conditions for non EU/EEA Citizens, Exchange Students
Students admitted within an exchange agreement at the University of Gävle are covered by a collective health insurance, Student IN, financed by the university. The terms for the insurance are available on the website of Kammarkollegiet (The Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency), Kammarkollegiet.se

Health Insurance for non-EU/EEA Citizens: Stays of One Year or More
As a visiting student, if you have a residence permit valid for one year or more, you are entitled to the same health benefits as Swedes. However, you are obligated to national registration at our local tax office in Gävle as soon as you arrive. Here you will be given a temporary Swedish civic registration number. Detailed information is available on Tax office´s website, Skatteverket.se
It is however advisable to arrange for liability insurance from the home country.

Health Insurance for non-EU/EEA Citizens: Stays of Less Than One Year
If you have a residence permit valid for a period of less than a year, you are not able to register at a the local Tax office, and you do not have automatic access to health care. Students accepted to programmes lasting for less than one year are required to have a valid health insurance from their home country. It is also advisable to arrange for liability insurance from the home country.

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