International activities at the University of Gävle have developed from being mainly concerned with cooperation within the European Union to becoming more global. Today, the University of Gävle has just over some ninety cooperation partners all over the world.

Internationalisation includes student and teacher exchanges and research projects, but also other projects, such as joint development of courses and intensive programmes for students and teachers.

Our faculties offer many courses in English mainly at master level. The number of incoming exchange students increases every year, as well as the number of free movers, students who study abroad independently. The international students' presence gives our campus an international atmosphere and enables students, teachers and other staff to participate in internationalisation while remaining at home.

Lecturers who engage in internationalisation work in various ways. Some establish their own international contacts, while others use contacts that are already established.

University of Gävle participates in the following programmes


Cooperation in the EU


Swedish exchange programme, cooperation with higher education institutions in developing countries

All programmes are administrated by the Swedish Council for Higher Education

The International Office

  • has the general responsibility for coordinating our internationalisation work for first-cycle studies, which mainly concerns student and teacher exchanges
  • is responsible for administration and development of exchange programmes in Europe and other continents, in consultation with units at the University of Gävle, with Gefle Student Union and also with Gävle municipality
  • has daily contact with universities and higher education institutions in a global network consisting of some ninety cooperation partners
  • develops the possibilities for exchange for students, teachers and other staff, in cooperation with the faculties
  • has good knowledge of news and trends that apply to international work
  • has long experience in negotiations concerning cooperation with higher education institutions outside Sweden and establishment of partnership agreements                                                                                        

International Office

Anna Hansson, Coordinator
Elin Anttonen, Coordinator
Bojana Simsic, Coordinator


+46 26 64 85 00

Phone hours
Monday- Thursday 09.00-10.00

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