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Study Counselling

The study counsellors at the University of Gävle is available for both future and current students. From the study counsellors you can get general information and guidance on your choice of education.

If you are thinking about studying

It is wise to invest time and commitment in your choice of education. That is why we offer professional guidance to give you the information and support you need to make an informed choice. You are welcome to book an appointment with a Study Councellor, call or e-mail us.

Study and career guidance is available for anyone who

  • is unsure of your choice of education and need support
  • is considering your skills and strengths
  • wants to find ways forward after your education
  • is curious about what studying abroad/traineeships abroad can offer you

Book a meeting with a Study Counsellor

In a meeting with a Study Counsellor, you get help to sort out your thoughts and see what different paths and possibilities there are to get where you want to go. The purpose of the conversation is to empower you to make your own decisions on study and career-related issues. The conversation can be held here at the University, at campus, a meeting through Zoom or a telephone call. You choose the alternative that suits you best.

Prepare for your career guidance

Before you meet a Study Counsellor:

  • think about; what do you want to discuss?
  • read about different educations and professions/careers that interest you
  • read the websites listed below

For information about studying in Sweden, application and deadlines


Study councellors

Three study councellors at the university

Christina Jäderberg, Lena Rosengren and Pia Lahtinen Almqvist



+46 (0)26-64 81 00

Monday-Thursday 09.00–10.00

Book an appointment and ask your questions!
You can also send us an Email to book an appointment or ask your questions!

Meet us at Studentcentrum!

We are there at Wednesdays at 11 am–13 pm. Welcome!

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