A defibrillator is a device that, through using electric shocks to the heart, can save the life of someone who has ended up in cardiac arrest.

Using a defibrillator

The University's defibrillators are self-instructive. They give spoken instructions and can be used by most people despite lack of previous knowledge. There are also pictures to support correct use.

Don't hesitate to use the defibrillator - you can save someone's life.
But also remember to make an SOS-alert using telephone number 112.

There are five defibrillators at the University of Gävle

They are located on ground level (level 2) at the following places:

  • Outside the Student Centre, building 22
  • In building 41 in the foyer
  • In building 45, to the left inside the main entrance
  • In building 91 in the foyer inside the main entrance
  • In building 99, in the walkway between the entrance and the stairwell

More information can be found here:

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