Pricelist for printouts and copies

The pricelist is valid for printouts and copies in HiG:s public printers in the corridors and in the library. These prices are for students and includes VAT. Printout cost and copy cost included paper.

Pricing black and white

A4, onesided 0,54 kr
A4, duplex 0,93 kr

A3, onesided 1,12 kr
A3, duplex 1,85 kr

Pricing colour

A4, onesided 0,93 kr
A4, duplex 1,68 kr
A3, onesided 1,88 kr
A3, duplex 3,38 kr

How does one pay

Students at HiG pays through an PayEx account which is connected to the students UserID. Each semester every student is provided with free printouts for 100 SEK.

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