There are four parking lots for students, staff and external visitors. These parking lots are free of charge during daytime. No parking is allowed outside the parking lot areas.

Map of the campusarea

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Find our parking lots

When travelling from the centre of Gävle
• east of building 99 Freja (entry from Kungsbäcksvägen)

When travelling from the E4 or E16
• west of building 41 Valhall (entry from Stenhammarsvägen and Kungsbäcksvägen)

Please make sure to only park within the allocated parking areas, as indicated by the arrow-signs. Parking outside these areas is not allowed and may result in a parking ticket.

Parking permit is required outside buildning 21

Parking lots outside buiding 21 requires a special parking permit, which can be received at the reception (buiding 22).

Accessible parking permit

There are specially allocated accessible parking spaces for people with disabled parking permits outside:

  • building 11 Munin / building 99 Freja
  • building 21 Oden / building 22 main entrance
  • building 41 Valhall
  • building 45 Heimdall
  • building 51 Frigg (innergården)
  • building 55 Tor
  • building 61 Embla
  • building 91 Midgård
  • building 96 Balder

Parking spaces with engine warmers

These parking spaces are rented and require special parking permits. You may not park here.

Parking attendants

Q Park is the company responible for parking at the University. Parking-related questions can also be forwarded to Akademiska Hus.

Street parking in Gävle

Read about street parking in Gävle at the Gävle municipality website.

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