Written Examination

A written examination is a test of knowledge, usually at the end of a course.

Register for Your Exams

It is mandatory to sign up (register) for written examinations at the University of Gävle. The deadline for signing up is 10 days before the exam date. You can register five weeks prior to the date of the examination. There are two ways to register for an exam. Either through Ladok or through the university's scheduling software, Kronox.

Taking Your Exam Off-campus

Some distance education courses require students to take proctored exams. A proctored exam is taken off-campus and is supervised, just as it would be for a course taken on campus. Other reasons may be considered valid for taking an exam off-campus, for example military service.

Rules for Written Examinations at University of Gävle

  • ​It is mandatory to register for written exams
  • Deadline for registrations is 10 days before the exam date
  • You must show valid ID to be allowed to take your exam
  • You are allowed to bring food and drink to the exam hall
  • Mobile phones, iPads and similar devices must be turned off during an exam
  • For more rules and detailed information please read the Examinations Guide.

Watch this short film about examination rules at the University of Gävle (3min 40sec)

Frequently Asked Questions about Exams

  • I Forgot to Sign Up for My Exam! What Do I Do?

Students with Disabilities

The University of Gävle provides support for students with functional disabilities such as dyslexia or visual or hearing impairments.

Please contact the Coordinator for Students with Disabilities at funktionsstod@hig.se to learn more about the types of support available to you.

Students from Other Universities

Students from other universities who live in or near Gävle have the option to take their written examinations at the University of Gävle.

Applications for taking written examinations at the University of Gävle have to be filed at least three weeks before the examination date. The application can be emailed to studentcentrum@hig.se. Please include your name, civic number and time and date for your exam.

Exam Hall

Hedvigslundshallen is the University's main exam hall.

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