Doctoral education:

PhD studies and PhD students at University of Gävle


The degree of Doctor of philosophy is officially conferred by the higher education institution or graduate school the PhD student is affiliated with. The University of Gävle offers PhD studies within the two profile areas: Built Environment and Health-Promoting Working Life.

The established netto study time period (the time devoted to PhD studies) is four years for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy and two years for the Degree of Licentiate.

To be eligible to apply to a PhD programme, you need at least 240 higher education credits. At least 60 credits of these must be second-cycle courses, or you need to have been awarded a second-cycle degree (a one or two-year Master’s degree), or an equivalent degree from abroad, or have equivalent qualifications

At the University of Gävle, there is a Research Programmes Board.

In our specific admission regulations, you will find information concerning admission, eligibility, selection, supervision and more aspects concerning PhD studies at the University of Gävle.

There are around 100 PhD students at the University of Gävle, but only a minority of them are employed as PhD students by us. In general, the PhD students are admitted into programmes at other higher education institutions or graduate schools, but they are financed by the University of Gävle and carry out part of their PhD studies here. Since 2011, there are PhD students within the profile area Built Environment and since 2013 in the profile area Health-Promoting Working Life.

The University of Gävle, Dalarna University, and Mälardalen University, along with 16 companies in the energy sector, have started the graduate school REESBE (Resource-efficient Energy Systems in the Built Environment). Together, we invest in the future and we share a common commitment to improve energy production, energy distribution, and energy use to build sustainable energy systems adapted to our contemporary society.

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