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Doctoral theses 2006

Antón Remírez, R. (2006). Experimental and numerical study of the thermal and hydraulic effect of EMC screens in radio base stations : detailed and compact model. Diss. , 2006. Stockholm: Kungliga Tekniska högskolan. Institutionen för energiteknik. 94 s. (Trita-REFR 06:57) Link [More information]
Attorps, I. (2006). Mathematics teachers' conceptions about equations. Diss. , 2006. Helsinki: University of Helsinki. 233 s. (Research report / University of Helsinki, Department of Applied Sciences of Education 266) [More information]
Cehlin, M. (2006). Visualization of Airflow, Temperature and Concentration Indoors : whole-field measuring methods and CFD. Diss. (sammanfattning), 2006. Stockholm: Kungliga tekniska högskolan. Institutionen för byggvetenskap. 90 s. Link [More information]
Dabhilkar, M. (2006). Acting creatively for enhanced performance : Challenges for Swedish manufacturers in an age of outsourcing. Diss. (sammanfattning), 2006. Stockholm: Royal Institute of Technology. 67 s. (Trita-IEO 2006:17) Link [More information]
Engström, M. (2006). A Caregiver Perspective on Incorporating IT support into Dementia Care. Diss. (sammanfattning), 2006. Uppsala: Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis. 77 s. (Digital comprehensive summaries of Uppsala dissertations from the faculty of social sciences 20) Link [More information]
Fransson, G. (2006). Att se varandra i handling : en jämförande studie av kommunikativa arenor och yrkesblivande för nyblivna fänrikar och lärare. Diss. , 2006. Stockholm: HLS Förlag. 232 s. (Studies in educational sciences 79) Link [More information]
Heiden, M. (2006). Psychophysiological reactions to experimental stress : relations to pain sensitivity, position sense and stress perception. Diss. (sammanfattning), 2006. Umeå: Umeå university. 62 s. (Umeå University medical dissertations 1045) Link [More information]
Högvall Nordin, M. (2006). "Dom brukar jämföra det med en stridspilot" : föreställningar om arbetsmiljö och risker i skogsmaskinarbete: en studie i organisationskommunikation. Diss. , 2006. Umeå: Umeå universitet. 205 s. (Medier & kommunikation 9) Link [More information]
Kalezic, N. (2006). Autonomic reactivity in muscle pain : clinical and experimental assessment. Diss. , 2006. Umeå: Umeå Universitet. 62 s. (Umeå University Medical Dissertations 1061) Link [More information]
Kristofferzon, M. (2006). Life after myocardial infarction in women and men : coping, social support and quality of life over the first year. Diss. (sammanfattning), 2006. Uppsala: Uppsala universitet. 76 s. (Digital comprehensive summaries of Uppsala dissertations from the Faculty of Social Sciences 10) Link [More information]
Løe, G. (2006). Ecology and evolution of resistance to herbivory : trichome production in Arabidopsis lyrata. Diss. (sammanfattning), 2006. Uppsala: Uppsala University. 32 s. (Digital Comprehensive Summaries of Uppsala Dissertations from the Faculty of Science and Technology 148) Link [More information]
Mamhidir, A. (2006). Meeting ethical and nutritional challenges in elder care : the life world and system world of staff and high level decision-makers. Diss. (sammanfattning), 2006. Stockholm: Karolinska institutet. 45 s. Link [More information]
Zdravkovic, J. (2006). Process Integration for the Extended Enterprise. Diss. , 2006. Stockholm: Royal Institute of Technology. 77 s. (Report series / Department of Computer & Systems Sciences 06-012) Link [More information]
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