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Doctoral theses 2007

Björsell, N. (2007). Modeling analog to digital converters at radio frequency. Diss. (sammanfattning), 2007. Stockholm: Signalbehandling, Kungliga Tekniska högskolan. 46 s. (Trita-EE 2007:062) [More information]
Ekstrand, E. (2007). Kaj Anderssons Morgonbris : kvinnopress, trettiotal och längtan efter fri tid. Diss. , 2007. Umeå: Umeå universitet. 272 s. (Medier & kommunikation 10) Link [More information]
Flodgren, G. (2007). Effects of low-load repetitive work and mental load on sensitising substances and metabolism in the trapezius muscle. Diss. (sammanfattning), 2007. Umeå: Umeå universitet. 51 s. (Umeå University medical dissertations N. S., 1130) Link [More information]
Isaksson, M. (2007). Radio Frequency Power Amplifiers : Behavioral Modeling, Parameter-Reduction, and Digital Predistortion. Diss. (sammanfattning), 2007. Stockholm: Royal Institute of Technology. 59 s. (Trita-EE 2007:010) Link [More information]
Kejerfors, J. (2007). Parenting in urban slum areas : families with children in a shantytown of Rio de Janeiro. Diss. , 2007. Stockholm: Department of Social Work, Stockholm University. 244 s. (Stockholm Studies in Social Work 25) Link [More information]
Liedgren Dobronravoff, P. (2007). Att bli, att vara och att ha varit : om ingångar i och utgångar ur Jehovas vittnen i Sverige. Diss. , 2007. Lund: Socialhögskolan, Lunds universitet. 231 s. (Lund dissertations in social work 28) [More information]
Sammalisto, K. (2007). Environmental management systems – a way towards sustainable development in universities : ”It was difficult at first … then we started talking with our colleagues and we saw it in a longer perspective”. Diss. , 2007. Lund: International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics, Lund University. 211 s. (IIIEE Dissertations 2007:1) Link [More information]
Wiitavaara, B. (2007). Balancing intrusive illness : the experiences of people with musculoskeletal problems. Diss. (sammanfattning), 2007. Umeå: Umeå Universitet. 54 s. (Umeå University medical dissertations 1106) Link [More information]
Wisell, D. (2007). Measurement techniques for characterization of power amplifiers. Diss. (sammanfattning), 2007. Stockholm: KTH School of Electrical Engineering. 59 s. (Trita-EE 2007:063) [More information]
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