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Licentiate theses 2006

Bengtsson, O. (2006). Integration and Analysis of RF-Power LDMOS Transistors. Lic.-avh. (sammanfattning), 2006. Uppsala: Uppsala Universitet. 54 s. [More information]
Chilo, J. (2006). Filtering extracting features from infrasound data. Lic.-avh. (sammanfattning), 2006. Stockholm: Kungliga Tekniska högskolan. Fysiska institutionen. 48 s. (Trita-FYS 2006:32) Link [More information]
Stjernström, S. (2006). Knowledge creation in collaborative product development. Lic.-avh. , 2006. Linköping: Linköpings Universitet. 134 s. (Linköping studies in science and technology. Thesis 1266) [More information]
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