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Licentiate theses 2015

Abid, M. (2015). Global Supply Chain Design : Exploring configurational and coordination factors. Lic.-avh. (sammanfattning), 2015. Stockholm: KTH Royal Institute of Technology. 54 s. (TRITA-IEO R 2015:05) Link [More information]
Amin, S. (2015). Characterization and Linearization of Multi-channel RF Power Amplifiers. Lic.-avh. (sammanfattning), 2015. Stockholm: KTH Royal Institute of Technology. 45 s. (TRITA-EE 2015:001) Link [More information]
Asami-Johansson, Y. (2015). Designing Mathematics Lessons Using Japanese Problem Solving Oriented Lesson Structure : A Swedish case study. Lic.-avh. , 2015. Linköping: Linköping University Electronic Press. 140 s. (Linköping Studies in Science and Technology. Thesis 1723) 10.3384/diss.diva-122240 [More information]
Dahlkvist, E. (2015). The Garden/Patio in Residential Care Facilities for Older People : Characteristics and the Users Perspectives. Lic.-avh. (sammanfattning), 2015. Örebro: Örebro University. 50 s. (Örebro Studies in Care Sciences 61) Link [More information]
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