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Research areas

The University of Gävle targets four strategic research areas in our efforts to meet key societal challenges.

Strategic research areas that tackle societal challenges

The goal of our research is to tackle societal challenges both in the short and long run, especially challenges within the areas described below:

Sustainable Urban Development, Health-Promoting Work, Innovative Learning and Intelligent Industry.

Urban Sustainability

This research area meets the societal challenge of creating long-lasting cities in which natural and human resources are used in a responsible manner for the sake of future generations. Our focus is urban development with human-environmental relations at its core. This research area includes development and analysis of technological systems, methods and strategies for information management as well as studies of indoor and outdoor environments of buildings and urban landscapes. Research aims include building resilience to climate change with population density and globalisation as important input parameters.

Health-Promoting Work

This research area contributes to the efforts of meeting societal challenges like increasing mental ill-health, increasing inequality, an aging population, an increased proportion of individuals with chronic disease, violence and segregation. Research focal areas include health-promoting work for people of all ages oriented both towards the individual and society, work design aimed to promote mental and physical health together with health-promoting organisations and leadership. The activities contribute to creating value-adding measures for the individual as well as for the organisation and/or society at large.

Innovative Learning

This research area contributes to the efforts of meeting societal challenges regarding people’s learning in educational and work environments within both the public and the private sector. Our focus is that researches and practitioners create knowledge for the development of work methods, educational content and innovative elements in the planning, the execution, the evaluation and the development of teaching, learning and professional development. Central issues include teaching, learning, digitalisation, co-workership, influence, democracy, media and culture.

Intelligent Industry

This research area contributes to the efforts of meeting societal challenges regarding long-term sustainable production. Innovation, resource efficiency and good working environments are important parts. This research area mainly targets businesses and organisations in industrial networks and value chains. Our focus lies in digitalisation, organisation design and their interaction in innovation processes, from the development of technological systems, products and processes to the design of production systems, business relations and business models.

Published by: Camilla Haglund Page responsible: Veronica Liljeroth Updated: 2022-04-05
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