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Guadalupe Francia on Innovative learning

Guadalupe Francia, Research Leader, on the strategic research area Innovative learning.

We must be able to develop new knowledge on learning processes and also be able to spread this knowledge

“We must be able to develop new knowledge on learning processes and also be able to spread this knowledge,” says Guadalupe Francia, Research Leader.

In our society, there are problems with undemocratic movements, greater gender inequality, ill-health among children, young people and adults, and increased violence. Global pandemics that risk increasing unemployment mean that we need to develop new educational strategies for possibilities of life-long learning for young adults and elderly. These challenges can only be faced based on collaboration between the University and society at large.

The challenges we must meet are both local and global and our interdisciplinary research programmes therefore focus on social sustainability, digitalisation and tomorrow’s learning environments, in both national and international contexts.

We are innovative because we view learning and education based on changed or new perspectives. In order to shape a long-term sustainable, democratic and fair society, we need to find solutions to meet social challenges.

“As the challenges we must meet are local and global, we have to conduct activities at every level. Being able to rally various competencies here, but also from society locally and globally, I view as the major strength in our strategic research domain,” says Guadalupe Francia.


Guadalupe Francia

Professor in Education

E-mail: guadalupe.francia@hig.se
Phone: +46 26 64 85 00

Research Presentation Guadalupe Francia

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