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Industrial Graduate School INSPIRE

Would you like to build excellence in your company and strengthen your competitiveness at the same time? We are launching a unique industrial graduate school focused on decision making and decision support.

The Industrial Graduate School INSPIRE targets companies operating in the energy, production and logistics sectors and is open to different types of decision-making issues.

The aim of the graduate school is to offer a programme that meet the industry’s needs of excellence and that strengthens the competitiveness of the participating companies. Through the graduate school, you can provide professional development for your employees and prepare them for specialist assignments.

The graduate school is an initiative for North Central Sweden and is a collaboration between University of Gävle, Dalarna University and Karlstad University.

The focus of the graduate school

INSPIRE focuses on decision-making and decision support for complex problems within the industry. Decision-making involves improving companies’ ability to take decisions in complex, uncertain and dynamic decision situations, and it also targets how the decision-making can be decentralised and automated. Decision support involves the development of data-driven, model-driven and knowledge-driven decision support to aid decision makers.

Four themes

The Industrial Graduate School will focus on four thematic areas:

  • Complex, uncertain, dynamic and automated decision making
  • Model-driven decision support (e.g. digital twins)
  • Knowledge-driven decision support (e.g. expert systems)
  • Data-driven decision support (e.g. artificial intelligence)

How the graduate school works

The graduate school is for industrial development professionals who will spend 80% of their working time over a five-year period on business-related research and development, leading to a PhD. Participants should have at least three years of work experience, be employed by the company and meet the qualifications for third-cycle study programmes.

Funding and commitments

The basic idea is that the industrial graduate school is to be financed by the participating companies, universities, and the Knowledge Foundation (KK-stiftelsen). The universities are responsible for administration, course development, seminars, examinations and academic supervision. The companies are responsible for the employment and salary of the doctoral students. A salary subsidy will be provided by the graduate school.

It is the responsibility of the companies to ensure that each doctoral student can devote the time needed to complete the programme. The companies must also provide the right conditions for the company's supervisor, participate in the project reference group, and follow up the programme with the industrial graduate school.

More information about the graduate school

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University of Gävle:
Per Hilletofth, professor, phone: +46 26-64 85 24, e-mail: per.hilletofth@hig.se
Niclas Björsell, professor, phone: +46 26-64 87 95, e-mail: niclas.bjorsell@hig.se

Dalarna University:
Yves Rybarczyk, professor, phone: +46 23-77 87 35, e-mail: yry@du.se
Arend Hintze, professor, phone: +46 23-77 86 50, e-mail: ahz@du.se

Karlstad University
Andreas Kassler, professor, phone: +46 54-700 21 68, e-mail: andreas.kassler@kau.se
Jorge Solis, ass. professor, phone: +46 54-700 19 53, e-mail: jorge.solis@kau.se

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