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Research and Interaction

Our researchers work closely with the community. They continuously test and develop their theories in collaboration with companies and organisations. Maybe your business can be part of such a collaboration and gain access to new knowledge and inspiration. Contact us to find out what a research collaboration can mean for you.

Collaboration with research develops your business

Commercial and industrial life can increase their competitiveness and achieve success with the help of the research conducted at the University of Gävle. Both sides will gain from an exchange of knowledge and experience.

Your company or organisation can consult researchers to, for example,

  • solve a specific problems
  • develop an idea
  • make evaluations or other types of commissions
  • capacitate your staff.

You and your business can also, in various ways, assimilate the results generated from research conducted here at the University. Contact one of our liaison supervisors for further help!

Published by: Malin Almstedt Jansson Page responsible: Veronica Liljeroth Updated: 2018-04-10
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