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Defence of doctoral and licentiate theses 2019

Harald Andersson, defence of licentiate thesis

Thesis: Numerical and experimental study of confluent jets supply device with variable airflow

Date: 9 May 2019
Time: 1pm
Place: 13:111 (Stora Jadwigasalen) University of Gävle


Harald Andersson's licentiate thesis i fulltext

Karl Samuelsson, defence of licentiate thesis

Thesis: Spatial analyses of people's experiences in urban landscapes

Date: 31 January 2019
Time: 1pm
Place: 23:213 (Krusenstjernasalen) University of Gävle

Karl Samuelsson's licentiate thesis i fulltext

Mamunur Rashid, defence of doctoral thesis

Thesis: Women on sick leave for long-term musculoskeletal pain: Factors associated with work ability, well-being and return to work

Date: 10 January 2019
Time: 9am
Place: 23:213 (Krusenstjernasalen) University of Gävle

Mamunur Rashid's doctoral thesis i fulltext

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