Research in two Profile Areas

The higher education institution concentrates the research to two profile areas - Built Environment and Health-promoting Working Life.
Researchers in the different disciplines of the profile areas work together to develop favourable working and living environments.  For example, researchers specialised in energy systems solutions cooperate with environmental psychologists to create the healthiest indoor climate possible. Researchers specialised in musculoskeletal disorders cooperate with health-care personnel to prevent injuries and find methods for quick rehabilitation.

Built Environment

Built Environment includes multidisciplinary research and study programmes concerning indoor environment, energy systems, materials science and environmental psychology.   The research environment is based on a number of research teams that develop new theories and methods, technical systems and overall solutions based on innovation, commercial potential and sustainable solutions. Within this profile, there are several centre formations and research centres
The higher education institution has invested in research on indoor environment and energy systems with long-term external co-financing, and other disciplines, namely computer science with a specialisation in visualisation and GIS/geomatics.
The profile area Built Environment offers third-cycle programmes   The higher education is an engine of growth. Partly because research and research programmes often lead to development and innovation in the working life, partly because it provides the region with important competence. By interacting with the industry and public sector, it is possible for the higher education institution to develop educations that meet the required competence.
Health-promoting Working Life

Health-promoting Working Life includes research and education oriented towards different health aspects of the working life.
This profile includes research in, e g:

Musculoskeletal disorders
Physical education
Social work
The special problems of people with disabilities

The Centre for Musculoskeletal Research is the largest research environment in Sweden that researches the origin of work-related illness, how it may be prevented and treated. The higher education institution has a strong internal network of disciplines specialised in health and the working environment.

The educations included here are the care and teacher training programmes, working life and business development, physical education teacher training and the Swedish Development Centre for Disability Sport, SUH.   

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