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Externredovisning C 7.5 cr

No information.

Brand Management C 7.5 cr

This course is delivered by focusing on a number of issues such as: • the concept of brand management including themes such as brand assets (awareness and ...

Ledarskap och Organisation C 7.5 cr

Kursen har en beteendevetenskaplig tonvikt och behandlar den samtida ledningsfunktionens roll och innehåll. Aktuella frågor av avgörande betydelse för ledar...

Project Management C 7.5 cr

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to: - have a detailed understanding of project management concepts from a contextual, global...

Services Marketing C 7.5 cr

The course will offer a detailed understanding of what service is, how it differs from goods and what role it plays in today's consumption and sales. A major...

Dataanalys och statistik för ekonomer 15 cr

No information.

Strategic Marketing C 7.5 cr

Through exposure to competitive marketing strategy, the principles of competitive intelligence, the intricacies of managing customers and the development of ...

Financial Management C 7.5 cr

This course takes on the perspective of the financial managers of firms, and provides an up-to-date coverage of issues, problems, and opportunities concernin...

Ekonomi - och verksamhetsstyrning C 7.5 cr

Beskrivning saknas.

Ekonomprogrammet 180 cr

No information.

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